About Us

Business Coach Academy

We give business coaches a ready to launch business so they can sign more clients, charge higher fees and keep clients for years.

“I'm truly blown away by your dedication to making sure we succeed & delivering the best possible content to making it happen.

Ryan, 46 - Expert Hypnotherapist & Coach

Meet The Business Coach Academy Team

Award Winning Coaches & Marketing Specialists

After helping 1000’s of businesses owners & coaches for over a decade, what we've found to consistently work better than anything else is our proven lead generation & PROFIT System.

It’s our personal mission to ensure you have impact and rapidly build a portfolio of great clients who love the results you deliver.

Founded by Pam & Zander (mum & son team). The Business Coach Academy is building an elite team of 1000 highly profitable, impactful business coaches.

The Business Coach Academy team proudly work with ambitious and impact focused business coaches, who are driven to create lasting transformational change & get results for themselves & their clients.

Zander Woodford-Smith


Zander has coached executives around the world and is a specialist in making systems easy to understand & deliver. +20,000 owners & coaches use the tools he has created..

Pam "The Fun" Featherstone

7 Figure Business Coach

Pam struggled her first year as a business coach but then built her coaching business to over 7 figures in under 2 years. Pam also has +30 years running her own businesses.

Monro "The Machine" Grier

Digital Marketing

Monro is a superstar content creator & digital marketing specialist. Members love her because she creates amazing content for our coaches to use (so they don't have to).

"Magic" Mark Edmunds

Top Copywriter in the UK

Mark is our secret weapon, he is the man behind every word in the copy-and-paste messages, websites and emails that our coaches send out to put sales calls in their diary.

Our Values

Be Bold.

Have Fun.

Change Lives.

Why work with us?

Our process

We take you by the hand and guide you through the PROFIT Coach Certification process so that you get full value from the PROFIT System Framework and your clients are wowed at the results they are getting.

Our purpose

It's our purpose to give you everything you need to setup and run your business so that you can focus your time on coaching clients, earning more money and making a real difference in the world.

Our products

We have 3 programmes depending on what you want to achieve & how fast you want to get there. Elevate being the most popular because it's optimised towards leveraging your time using automated funnels and increasing your earning potential by group coaching.

Our Strategic Intent

To build an elite team of 1000 certified Profit Coaches who collectively each year:

  • Help over 10,000 businesses
  • Add £100 million in profit to businesses
  • Earn £100 million in coaching fees

How it all started

Twenty years ago, an eleven year old boy almost lost his mum from overworking in her business

Now mum and son are now on a mission to prevent others going through the same by sharing their wealth of unique coaching and business experience...

We've built a ready-made coaching brand, framework & funnels so you can grow without tech headaches or spending a ton on software, ads or authority. You can run it today!