Become a Business Coach Academy Affiliate

Get rewarded for helping your friends become highly paid Business Coaches.


Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates are experts and respected voices in their fields. Through their hard work and thought leadership, they have earned the trust of their peers.

We’ve worked with hundreds of coaches already, but there are still thousands of potential coaches who would love to be making an impact as a highly successful business coach and don’t know that we can help them.

That’s where you come in.

While building your coaching business and career, you’ve connected with people who have valuable experience and insight they can share with clients, and we’ve found the best way to reach these people is through an introduction from someone they trust.

The Business Coach Academy Affiliate Program makes it very easy for you to get rewarded for introducing us to potential coaches in your network. .


Referral Fees & Rewards


Referral Fee

The person you refer earns a 3 month bonus (saving £3,000-£10,000 )


Double Your REWARDS

We think it’s really important that we build a team of highly impactful business coaches that want to use the system and stay a member of the team for years. Therefore, if instead of taking your reward in cash you apply it to your next membership payment we will double the amount!


Earn £2,000 For One Email


Introduce Your Connection To Us

Send an email, Whatsapp Group or facebook messenger to your connection and include either Pam or Zander (or both) when making the introduction.


We Will Do The Rest

After your introduction we will follow-up with who you referred and see if they are a good fit for one of our programmes.


When They Join You Get Paid

Once they sign up you've earned your referral fee! You can choose whether to receive cash or apply it to your membership (we give you double for this!)


Affiliates FAQs

How do I make a referral?

Your level of involvement in the program is entirely up to you, but in order to earn referral commissions, our Affiliates must connect your referral with Pam ( via email or make an introduction through whatsapp or facebook messenger.

For people who wish to do a wider broadcast promotion or email their lists we can create special links to use.

You have options for how you share your link:

Send the person you want to refer your unique link, which will prompt them to schedule a call a call with the Business Coach Academy Team.

Share your unique link on your personal website, blog, newsletter, social media channels, or anywhere else you have peer connections that could benefit from sharing their experience and insight with businesses by becoming a business coach.

We have found that those Affiliates who succeed in referring an coach during their first 30 days end up continuing to succeed.

How do I succeed in the Affiliates program?

Our most successful Affiliates have gotten creative, mentioning us in speeches, reaching out to their email lists, and coming up with other ideas to get us in front of their audiences. Other Affiliates have even recommended clients after their clients business is running itself and their client is ready for the next challenge.

How do I determine if someone is a good fit?

To determine if someone would be a good fit for our Business Coach Platform & Certification services, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do they have any of these for experience:

  • Are they already a business coach but struggling to grow the way they want to?
  • Do they have (or have had) more than 3 years experience running their own business?
  • Are they an executive or have years of experience in a leadership role?

2. Would they be able to invest $10k+ for expert guidance to build a highly profitable coaching business as a business coach?

They do NOT have to have coaching experience. Many of our most successful members had never coached before joining us.

How should I talk about Business Coach Academy to potential referrals?

What we do:

Business Coach Academy helps business coaches, business owners and leaders, build a £20,000 coaching business in 6 months by giving them everything they need ready to use, so they can just focus on the fun impactful part...coaching.

Why we do it:

Our mission is to eradicate unnecessary suffering & sacrifice of every business owner, their families and the people impacted by the success (or failure) of the business.

We know first hand the tragic impact that result from a poorly run business and we wish to create a team of coaches and make business coach such an easy ROI positive decision that more business use highly trained coaches.

Our Strategic Intent for Business Coach Academy

To build an elite team of 1000 Profit Coaches who collectively earn over £100 million every year,

Our Strategic Intent for Profit Coach (the brand our coaches operate under)

To add 3000 new business owners to The Profit Academy and grow the collective profits by over $100 million every year.

How we do it:

After helping 1000’s of businesses owners & coaches for over a decade, what we've found to consistently work better than anything else is our proven lead generation marketing platform & PROFIT System coaching framework.

It’s our personal mission to ensure you have impact and rapidly build a portfolio of great clients who love the results you deliver. We give coaches a proven marketing platform and coaching framework for them to sign more high value clients and keep them for years.

Who we’ve worked with:

We’ve worked with thousands of coaches helping them to grow their business and created some truly phenomenal results. You can share this link with them here:

When I tell people about Business Coach Academy, some people say it’s expensive.

Our service is mainly for people who value their time and understand how valuable being a highly paid business coach is . Like most things, there is a huge range in the price and quality of coaching certification and lead generation.

Having a team of professionals handling every aspect of a your business is inherently expensive because of the costs of such great talent. For the quality we offer, we believe our prices are extremely low, but, because it’s a lot of money, it only makes sense for people who have a clear ROI and are ready to build their business. This is not for people who just want to learn a but more about coaching.

What can I earn?

£2,000 for each referred member

When do you pay referral commissions?

We pay 30 days after your referral has paid off 50% of their agreement balance with Business Coach Academy. Depending on which service they’ve signed on for, this can vary anywhere from 1 to 6 months on average.

We don’t mess around with this part — we know you’re busy, and keeping track of owed payments is not a burden we want to place on you.

How will I receive payment?

Once your reward has been Approved, your funds will be available for cash out on and we can pay it directly to your bank account. Or you can choose to apply it to a Business Coach Academy members and receive Double the amount!

What if I have other ideas about how to promote Business Coach Academy?

That’s great! Although our goal is to avoiding putting too much work on our Affiliates, we are always open to creative ideas. We’ve had Affiliates give webinars, run social media campaigns, and do all sorts of other creative marketing to help refer more people who want to become a highly paid business coach.

Can I be an Affiliate if I'm not a member of Business Coach Academy?

Absolutely! As long as you know people who might make great potential business coaches, we want to hear from you.