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What Do Our Licensed Business Coaches Say?

We know some of this can seem "too good to be true" but when you combine years of experience (we only accept the best) with our proven system the results happen incredibly fast.

1st Client + 3 Months Upfront

In 2 Days

£1,450/mo Client

in 7 days

£2,000/mo Client

in 7 days

£42,000/mo "Can't believe it..."

Last Month

£0 → £10,000/mo

In 35 Days

"It Was Done For Me, Got Calls The Next Day"

£0 → £5,000/mo

In 3 Weeks

£23,000 + 8 Clients

Last Month

£5,000 Upfront + £995/Mo

"It Felt Too Easy"

£6 Million Revenue Client

In 1st Few Days

£26 Billlion Revenue Client

Inbound Lead

£0 → £160,000/ Year

After 3 Months

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Better Business. Better Life. Better World.

Family Run Business

Founded by a mum and son team because when Zander was 8 Pam nearly died from overwork in her business. Our mission is to make sure no one suffers a similar fate!

+100 Licensed Coaches

Not only do we have over 100 licensed coaches. Pam has personally helped thousands of coaches on her way to 7 figures. Zander's company had over 22,000 customers, mainly coaches & entrepreneurs.

We Believe In Giving...

Our mission involves building the best business coach license company in the world so we always give everything to our members. However, we are also 2x Global Impact Award Winners through our charity partners.

Frequently Asked


What is the level of investment required?

Most Business Coach Franchises have 2 sets of fees:

Initial Investment: $50,000 - $150,000

Operational license: $1,000-$2,500 (contract length of 3-7 years)

Total cost: $250,000 before you make anything (then they take 10-25% of that)

They can charge this much because been a business coach provides so much flexibility and you can receive high end recurring revenue for doing something you love.

Business Coach Academy Is Different

We run a license model. We actually provide even more than a franchise. Our members can start and run their business for less than the cost of a single monthly client...because that's how we designed it!

With Business Coach Academy you can start & run your entire business for as little as $1,500/mo (& keep 100% of your earnings). Because we provide all the software & tools you need that is literally all your operational cost. So in essence...

You are getting a $180K-$500K Per Year business for FREE

& just investing in running it (for less than the cost of your first client).

How much can I realistically earn?

Our goal is to get you earning $20,000 per month working 20 hours per week in 20 weeks.

There Is No Limit

From there you can go as high as you want. We have some coaches doing over Half a million per year in coaching fees. Others actually earn over $1 million per year because of equity in the businesses they coach.

What's Typical?

Earning 20K in 20 weeks is not typical. Not yet, but we are getting close!

Our 1st member of 2023 signed his first client 2 days after joining us & they paid 3 months upfront. We recommend charging:

Client 1-2: $1,500/mo

Client 3-8: $2,000/mo

Client 9-10: $2,500/mo

So with 10 clients you'd be earning $20,000 per month. We aim to have you sign 5 clients every quarter. Each of our 4 core lead generations strategies is designed to help you do that.

So realistically you should be hitting at least $10,000/mo in 6 months. Our guarantee ensures if you aren't at $10,000/mo by month 10, our 7 figure coach works with you personally until you do.

This all sounds a bit too good to be true, is it...?

Firstly as all our testimonials are from real case studies, thank you for the compliment.

One of the great things about being a licensed business coach is how much value you can add to businesses & so they are happy to pay you high fees. The big draw back is you need to spend all this time creating a methodology to be able to show the value you can add. That takes time, whereas with Business Coach Academy you skip all that. You also skip all the testing phase of your marketing and sales.

So when we make the guarantee of getting you to $10,000 earnings in 10 weeks we only make that because we know we can deliver. We've had people sign clients with 2 days of joining and many people sign clients within the first week. When each client is worth $1,500-$3,000 per month and some pay 3-6 months in advance this is why we can confidently make this claim.

We also have multiple testimonials of people signing 5 clients in a month, and one person even signing eight clients in a single month! This is why it's not too good to be true, it is just the truth.

Instead of handing over the cookie recipe we are handing over the cookies already baked. Everything is already done for you, and we only allow people in with amazing credibility. You just need to have the courage to believe in the value you can deliver.

How much time will this take?

Ideally you need a minimum of 5-10 hours per week to invest in growing your business.

As we have everything ready built for you and automate virtually 100% of your marketing all you have to focus on is following up with conversations with the leads generated following our scripts. Then you'll need to go through our training of how to onboard and work with clients but everything is scripted & the slides ready to deliver. So you can start earning your high-end recurring monthly income.

Are you a multi level marketing company?

Absolutely not!

All the earnings you see are generated from our licensed coaches signing real businesses and delivering valuable transformation.

We do offer a $1,000 referral fee but this is often used by people who aren't yet ready to become a licensed business coach but know someone who may be interested.

Are you a franchise?

No. We disagree with the franchising model for business coaches because as soon as you sign the contract, you've legally committed yourself to paying anything up to £250K (when all fees are taken into account) without any form of "get out" clause.

Instead, we believe we have created a fair system where you pay a fixed sum each year with no-long term contracts, unexpected charges, restrictive clauses or onerous small print.

Are there any long term contracts?

No. We work on a simple rolling basis, renewed every year. If you ever decide it's not for you, just let us know... but our goal is to help you achieve such great results on an ongoing basis staying a member is a no-brainer.

Are there any unexpected costs or ongoing monthly fees?

No. All the materials, frameworks, training and systems are included in the price when you join Business Coach Academy. (Excludes optional marketing expenses such as Facebook Ads if you want to scale online past 40K p/m, and any travel or accommodation expenses for optional future events).

Do you take a percentage of my fees?

No. Everything you earn is yours - we do not take any percentages of what your clients pay you.

Are there any restrictive operational clauses?

No. We give you proven systems and processes to follow, but we do not limit you to them. If you want to try something different or have a better way of doing something, tell us as we would love to know.

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