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How To Turn Your Experience Into A £10,000/Month Part-Time Coaching Practice

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5 Levels of HyperLeverage Coaching

Discover why HLC is perhaps the only strategy for busy sales executives to create the a life of freedom and autonomy using the limited time available.

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3 Skills To Hit £10,000 Per Month Part-Time

Learn the 3 most powerful skills and then the detailed 9 step ProCoach roadmap to show you exactly what you need to do to hit these income levels.

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Your 3 Options To Become A Prestigious Coach

There are several ways to become a Prestigious Business Coach but each has pros and cons you need to understand so you don't start on the wrong path.

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Case Studies

Does This Actually Work?

When you combine years of expertise with a proven framework and powerful marketing, the simple answer is "Yes it does." As long as you are willing to put in the effort to use the system, strategies and tools like these members.

James Baker - Former MD, JCB

1 Year To Replace JCB Salary (£180,000)

In just a year, a former Managing Director at JCB moved from the corporate world to becoming a successful business coach using our program.

Seeking more time for family and autonomy, he replaced his £180,000 annual income within 12 months. After signing three clients in under three weeks, he achieved full financial stability in two months. He now earns +£20,000/month, way beyond his previous salary.

Ashley Maile- Former MD, PEME Engineering

£0 → £250,000 in 12 months

An engineer sold his company for £20 million but felt stuck and unfulfilled in its new private equity firm. Unsure of his value as a business coach, he joined our program. Quickly, he blossomed into a top-notch coach, earning £10,000/month in just 35 days.

By his first year, he hit £250,000, doubling and then tripling his earnings in the next two years. Now, he's been our global coach of the year for three years, without ever losing a client. He credits us with teaching him how to win and keep high-value clients.

Tim Jones - Former Director Right At Home UK

£38,000/mo In 2 Years

Once a successful director of a homecare franchise, a Tim struggled to leverage his skills in a Business Coach Franchise, despite investing heavily in it.

He teamed up with us and transformed into a top-tier business coach, making £38,000/month within two years, astonishing himself. His newfound confidence in coaching has led to exceptional client results and personal life upgrades like a new car. Through health challenges, our support remained unwavering, with our founder stepping in to coach his clients and even sign some for him.

Emerson Patton - Former Telecoms Director

£42,000/mo + Best Selling Author

With experience in telecommunications but little return from a hefty investment in a business coach franchise, Emerson sought help to scale up his business during COVID.

Joining us, he developed into an prestigious business coach, growing his income from under £10,000/month to over £50,000/month in two years. He became an industry leader, penning a best-selling book, and regularly signing up over five clients at his workshops.

John McCarthy - Military Man & Franchise Owner

+£10,000/Mo In 6 Months With Automation

A former military man, John had invested over £200,000 in a business coach franchise without much success.

Turning to us for a change, he transformed into a prominent business coach. Our proven framework and system using automation boosted his income by £10,000/month in just six months in 2023 - achieving this while enjoying his outdoor hobbies like surfing.

John's effective coaching has delivered extraordinary results, including turning a struggling law firm into a £50 million success, and bolstering another client's yearly profit by over £1 million. He continues to build a lasting brand in his industry.

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Changing Their Lives By Becoming Prestigious Business Coaches

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Our proven system has helped directors become business coaches from prestigious firms like these:

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Our system has helped executives from

The 3 Year

Business Coach Plan

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Here’s Business Coach

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We train you how to coach right through to building your own thriving coaching business generating +£200,000 per year.

Sign High-Value Clients

From idea, to launch, to growth, it's a complete business in a box

Coach Clients

Prospecting, closing, coaching. Whatever it is, we'll show you how

Keep Clients

We have a proven path to £20k a month, but it's starts by being a great coach.

From Your First Thoughts of Being a Business Coach To Success...

Sign High-Value Clients

From idea, to launch, to growth, it's a complete business in a box

Step by step training

Prospecting, closing, coaching. Whatever it is, we'll show you how

Your path to profit

We have a proven path to $20k a month, before you leave your job

Mentored by the best

You'll get 1 to 1 guidance from a 7-figure coach

All the resources

If we don't have it, it's not worth having. If we do have it, it's your

Exclusive Community

An elite community of high performers who've been there & done it

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Get a trusted coaching framework so you can deliver amazing results to any client you choose and earn £1,000-£5,000/month per client.


Build a +£200,000 Per Year Business

Once certified use a proven system to sign clients (or let us do it for you) to build your own business generating 10K, 20K even +50K per month.

Pete Evans

1st Client In 2 Days

Pete signed a client with 3 months paid upfront within 2 days of his onboarding call.

james baker

£1,450/mo Client in 7 days

James's goal was to sign a client in his first month, he managed 3 in the first month with his first in 7 days

gary potter

£2,000/mo Client in 7 days

Gary used the godfather sales call script to onboard a client within a week.

Emerson Patton

42,000 Last Month

He can't believe what we created for the other coaches but is still happy he is making so much money!

Dan Andersen tuffnell

23,000 Last Month + 8 New Clients

Dan had an incredible month with earning over £23,000 and signed many new clients.

Ashley Maile

£0 → £10,000/mo In 35 Days

Ashley started with a bang. Once he had a framework to add value there was no stopping him.

James Baker

£0 → £5,000/mo In 3 Weeks

James was on fire signing a client per week his first 3 weeks in the programme!

Ian Finney

"It Was Done For Me, Got Calls The Next Day"

Ian couldn't believe that he could just copy paste and send it and it booked calls in his diary.

Anne Melling

£5,000 Upfront + £995/Mo

"It Felt Too Easy"

Anne felt it was too easy, she stuck to the scripts and was ready to deliver the coaching.

Ed pearson

£6 Million Revenue Client

In 1st Few Days

Ed's first client was a big one coming just a few days after starting his marketing!

John McCarthy

£26 Billion Revenue Client

Inbound Lead

John had an inbound lead that was a whale, but knew he could rely on us for support of what to do.

Ashley maile

£0 → £160,000/ Year

After 3 Months

Hit his 1 year goal within 3 months of starting his business, having never coached before.


1st Full Price Client

Robin was excited to be getting paid what he deserved after getting support from us.

Stuart Mason

5 New Clients This Week

Stuart was on fire signing 5 clients in a single week after covid.

Ana Aymerich

2 New Clients In A Week

Ana had a flying start to the month signing two clients in the first 8 days.

We could have kept going, but I think you get the point...

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