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If you want to quit your job and have the financial security of being able to earn whatever you want, while having more impact and meaning… you’re in the right place.

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The ProblemThe business failure rate is scary...

Good people with good intentions go out of business every single day. The owner, their staff and all of their families lose their livelihoods overnight causing untold amounts of pain.

Even successful businesses are losing out on potential profits and more efficiency that could result in more employment, bonuses and joy for those they serve.


New Businesses In USA per month


Businesses Fail in 5 Years

The SolutionTogether we can change these business challenges...

How Can it be done?

Imagine knowing a simple series of questions so powerful they could transform any business of any size because they help a business owner to see what they couldn’t see before and uncover all kinds of hidden opportunities for increasing profits, decreasing costs and maximising efficiency…

Who Can Do It?

And imagine these questions raise your value and have business owners desperate to hire you and pay you extremely well so that they too can experience the gamechanging results you provide…

That’s what we will give you.

Here at Business Coach Academy we turn people into elite level business coaches who can ask questions we have developed through years and years of experience that transform businesses – fast.

What's So Exciting About This Is...

Once you have the right questions to ask the only skillset you need to become a highly paid business coach is the ability to ask those questions – which you do everyday anyway.

What Is A Business Coach?

You’ve played board games before where you have to ask your fellow players questions, right? (Games like Trivial Pursuit). You’ve asked a friend or family member how their day has been before, haven’t you? We ask questions every day in all kinds of situations – because it’s easy and it’s natural. That’s all a business coach does.

They ask questions, just like everyone does every day anyway – only they get paid extremely well for it because the questions they ask provide extremely valuable results. They turn curiosity into money.


Coaches Worldwide


Businesses Worldwide

Even Better...

Business coaches don’t even need to know the answer to the questions they ask (unlike business consulting).

All they do is ask questions and it’s the business owners own answers that uncover the opportunities they couldn’t see before – which turns the business coach into a hero that the client can’t stop raving about.

Why Business Coach Academy?

Together we’ve generated millions as coaches who transform businesses and lives and now we’re on a mission to empower others around the world to do the same with the right questions that will raise their personal value and positively impact businesses they serve.

Using our proven, fun and unique methodology anyone can become a business coach with zero previous business experience. And we’ve also scrapped the usual six figure licence fees you’d have to pay to become a business coach. In fact, part of our mission is to disrupt the business coaching industry because it’s those high fees that are stopping more people becoming business coaches who save and grow businesses on demand.


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Join Our MissionBusinesses need you... Their staff need you... The world needs you...

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

—   Zig Ziglar

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