Success Story - Ashley Maile

£0 To £15,000 Per Month In 90 Days.

Ashley was looking for a framework to be able to add value. He looked at business coach franchises but chose to work with us instead.

“All of a sudden I’m hitting around £160,000 per annum in coaching fees" (In 90 days)

Ashley, 45 - Former Engineer, New Business Coach

Meet Ashley

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Ashley's Success Story

Here's Ashley's inspiring story going from being unsure how to add value because he didn't have a framework and had never coached anyone before. To earning over £15,000 per month as a highly valued coach in his first 90 days, all while exiting his business. Broken down into 4 parts and easy to navigate chapters.

Part 1

Ashley's Background

“Decided business coaching was where i wanted to go. I wanted to get back to working with the kind of companies that we'd built and help them shortcut what we'd done.”

- Ashley Maile

Chapter 1: Apprentice Electrician to Business Owner

Ashley Maile started his career in 1988 as an apprentice electrician, working for a specialised engineering firm.

Even back then, Ashley was someone who wanted to develop his skills and grow as a person.

So it wasn’t long before he gained an MBA in business administration and took a job at Pepsi-Cola to put his new-found knowledge into practice. Three years later, Ashley moved again to be a factory manager at Geest Foods, PLC.

Then in 1999, he decided to return back to the company that first took him on as an apprentice, this time to be an area manager.

PEME was an engineering firm that specialised in designing, installing and maintaining manufacturing and production facilities.

It was a long-established and great business to work for.

However, the owners were reaching the stage of wanting to slow down and retire.

Seeing an opportunity, Ashley and three of the other managers put in a proposal to buy the company.

Their offer was successful.

In 2005, the paperwork was signed and Ashley celebrated their new future with his team.

Chapter 2: £6.6M to £21M - An 11 year journey

Even though Ashley had an MBA in business and knew the company inside out, the first six years were not the easiest.

He had never owned a business before.

So in the process of getting a handle on the complexities involved, he learnt some very hard lessons. And everything took far longer than it could have.

It wasn't until the seventh year of business, when they had put the right systems in place, did they see the business really take off.

Resulting in bigger clients, larger contracts, impressive employee retention, prestigious industry awards and a turnover that grew from £6.6M to £21M with the annual profits increasing from £145K to £2M.

Chapter 3: Time for a change

Not surprisingly, because of the company’s success, Ashley and his team were approached by a private equity firm in 2017 with an offer they couldn’t refuse.

In 2018, the purchase was completed and the equity firm merged the company with several other engineering companies.

Because of the merger and strong focus on turnover and cold profit above everything else, Ashley realised that staying in the company was no longer for him.

As it no longer matched his values.

He wanted to do something more meaningful with his life. And not stay in a job he no longer enjoyed or felt fulfilled by.

So Ashley made a brave decision to hand in his six-month notice.

But to do what?

Chapter 4: Researching the options

Ashley isn't the type of person who sits around doing nothing.

So the idea of early retirement was out of the question.


  • he didn't want the responsibility of running another large business again.

  • And he certainly didn't want to start a business from scratch and have to work out everything for himself as that would be way too slow.

  • This dilemma led him to investigating the different types of franchises you could buy.

Franchises they promised a complete system, you could easily take and run with, providing a shortcut to success.

Quickly ruling out most of the franchises due to a lack of relevant experience or personal interest, he found himself left with two potential choices.

A Sports Coach franchise or a Business Coach franchise.

Being a Sports Coach sounded fun and something he thought he would enjoy. But it felt like he would be throwing away thirty years of his life and all of the valuable lessons he had learnt in his career.

Whereas Business Coaching seemed the perfect opportunity.

To be paid well, make a difference and have all the fun of helping businesses grow without any of the responsibility.

All he needed was a framework to wrap his knowledge and skills around and a system to follow to get clients.

The problem was, the more he looked into the available franchises, the more concerned he became.

In his words, the terms and contracts were "very restrictive" and the training and frameworks "wouldn't have even survived in the kind of late 90s in the world of PepsiCo".

Leading Ashley to feel highly disappointed considering the significant investment required and ongoing fees.

Chapter 5: A 7 Figure Coach

Whilst investigating his options and asking other coaches how they did it, Ashley kept hearing one name.

Pam Featherstone.

She was a business coach who had sold her successful business, transitioned to being a coach and quickly achieved 7-figures a year.

Exactly what he wanted to do.

Pam Featherstone - 7 Figure Coach, Global Trainer & Founder of Business Coach Academy

Part 2

Becoming A Business Coach

“I looked at a couple of business coach franchises and didn't like what I saw.”

- Ashley Maile

Chapter 6: Joining the Business Coach Academy

Sending Pam a connection request on LinkedIn, Ashley asked for a meeting.

It wasn't long after that he signed up with the Business Coach Academy. Believing it would give him everything he needed to start his coaching business, quickly and easily - without any of the financial burdens or restrictive terms incurred by most franchises.

Though keen to get started, due to the obligatory notice period, he was unable to launch his coaching business right away.

Fortunately, this suited Ashley well.

As he figured the four months left would give him plenty of time to familiarise himself with the PROFIT System Framework, go through the training and put everything in place, ready to hit the ground running.

Chapter 7: Why you need a framework

Ashley had achieved a lot over his career and time as a business owner. Going from an apprentice electrician to running a multi-million pound business and then exiting with enough money in the bank, never having to work again.

But, looking back, the first six years of running the engineering firm should have been far easier. As it was only after he and his team had gone round in circles, making mistakes and figuring stuff out on their own, did their results rocket.

So he was determined not to do the same thing in his coaching business.

Chapter 8: Accelerated results

Ashley didn’t want to waste years of his life trying to figure out the best way to sign clients or building a framework that would enable him to consistently deliver extraordinary results.

In his words, he had two choices.

He could spend 80% of his time creating his own framework and figuring stuff out and 20% working with clients.

Or he could spend 80% of his time working with clients and 20% customising an existing, comprehensive and proven framework to his style of working.

The choice was obvious - it was absolutely essential to Ashley that he accelerated his success using a proven framework that was relevant, up to date, and easy to adapt to your own style and experience.

Part 3

Coaching Success

“I had great value to them. They spotted it because of the experience, the track record and now the professional feel of when you turn up with a framework like the PROFIT System, They know this isn't a mentoring kind of catch up session. This is proper business coaching with a plan and an action. All of a sudden, two thousand pounds a month for a coaching session is really good value for them.”

- Ashley Maile

Chapter 9: Could there be a worse time to launch

Ashley’s first thought was, “What an earth am I going to do!”?

The date was March 16th, 2020.

The UK had just declared full lockdown.

Businesses were closing their doors, staff were furloughed, and every unnecessary cost was slashed.

Could there have be a worse time to launch Ashley's new coaching business?

The answer is probably not.

But what Ashley quickly proved to himself is that there are many good business owners out there who want guidance and coaching, no matter what’s happening in the world or the state of the economy.

Chapter 10: £10,000 in 35 days of launching

using the Fast Funnel method of getting clients, Ashley first reached out to his existing network of contacts.

The first prospect was a fellow business owner who instantly got the value of being able to tap into Ashley’s insights and experiences gained over his career.

Being the first prospect who expressed interest, Ashley's priced his coaching at a very low £600 per month.

Ashley knew this was massively undervaluing himself and the results the client would see by working with him, but he felt he had to start low just to build his confidence.

Sure, he knew his insights combined with the PROFIT System framework would be highly valuable at a logical level. But it was only when he saw his first client getting results did it really click that people will pay you significant sums of money to be coached for the experience you have combined with the right framework.

His newly gained confidence enabled Ashley to increase his price every time he signed a new client and use the provided copy & paste messaging to reach out to cold prospects.

Resulting in Ashley enjoying a £10,000 income per month within just 35 days of officially launching his new coaching business - in a full lockdown.

In his words: “I had great value to them. They spotted it because of the experience, the track record and now the professional feel of when you turn up with a framework like the PROFIT System, They know this isn't a mentoring kind of catch up session. This is proper business coaching with a plan and an action. All of a sudden, two thousand pounds a month for a coaching session is really good value for them.”

Chapter 11: £500 for an hour's of coaching

Because of the flexibility of the PROFIT System framework, Ashley decided he would get his clients the best results by coaching them twice a month.

The first session being a three hours together to put together a rolling plan for the next 90 days, discuss any issues that need resolving and give them the worksheets or tools from the PROFIT System relevant to their current situation.

Then, midway through the month, his clients have a second, one hour coaching session just to ensure everything is on track and mop up any problems. With email support in between if needed.

Totalling just four hours of actual coaching time per client, per month.

Leaving Ashley plenty of time to build his coaching business, enjoy time with his family and do his favourite sports.

Chapter 12: £160,000 in 3 short months, without a website

Ashley originally set out with a goal of bringing in £165,000 in his first year. Figuring that if he hit that for his first year, he would be doing a good job.

Pleasantly surprised, within 90 days of launching his business, he had signed eight clients, paying a total of nearly £14,000 a month between them - without any form of website or complex marketing system.

Ashley achieved this great result by applying himself to his goal, using some intelligent thinking and the copy & paste messaging provided as part of the Framework.

Chapter 13: Winning clients was easier than ever expected

One of the biggest surprises Ashley found was that even as a new coach, when you get your message right and demonstrate your value to potential clients using the messaging and fast funnel, winning them is far easier than he ever thought it would be.

Even cold prospects who don’t know you.

Part 4

Award Winning & ...

"The Business Coach Academy has been exceptional and the value and price point is phenomenal."

- Ashley Maile

Chapter 14: 2020 Coach of the Year

Ashley did such a fantastic job of starting his coaching business during an extremely tough time. He also added massive value to the Business Coach Academy community. Sharing exactly what he was doing and which parts of the system worked best for him and how he was adapting the frameworks and tools to get his clients amazing results. As a result of Ashley's inspiring story he won the Business Coach Academy 2020 Coach of the year Award.

Chapter 15: Leveraging time and ramping up the income

Ashley has now signed up for a second year with the Business Coach Academy.

With the objective of signing three more clients, paying £3,000 to £5,000 each per month. Which will give him an income of £25,000 to £29,000 per month for about 44 hours of actual coaching per month.

In addition to this, the team at Business Coach Academy are helping Ashley deliver a group mastermind to leverage his time further, help more people and ramp up his income to the next level.

Chapter 16: A final word

When asked what Ashley would say to people thinking about being a coach or new coaches looking for a framework to add value to their business, he said:

“The Business Coach Academy has been exceptional and the value and price point is phenomenal. If you want to be the best coach you can be and you want a resource and framework to tap into, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t join.”

I hope you enjoy reading this success story.

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