Our Story

At the age of ten I stood next to my mother’s

hospital bed and said goodbye.


Pam is my Mum, and she used to run a small business. It consumed her completely and didn’t leave much room for things like family, sleep and health.

On New Year’s Eve 2000, it all caught up with her and she was rushed to hospital with a serious spinal infection. The doctor’s gave her little chance.

So there I was with my Grandmother saying goodbye to my Mum. But Pam made me a promise. She told me “I will get better and come home”

And for the next week we both held on tight to those words. My Mum versus an infection. The infection didn’t stand a chance.

Those words pulled us both through.

She made it.

During her convalescence Pam reassessed her life and priorities. Amongst other things she created a way to run her business more efficiently. “Less time for more money” was her mantra.

It was like night and day. The business grew, Pam had a life, and four years later she sold it very successfully.

When you spend a few nights doing battle with the Grim Reaper, it gives you a fire in your belly to help others avoid the same fight. So Pam’s next challenge was to work out how she could use her business changing experience to help others.

£0 To Millionaire Coach In 3 Years

She cut her teeth in a business coaching franchise she purchased, and her passion drove right to the top of their global performance charts, earning over 7-figures a year, winning awards for herself and her clients.

But even though she had all this success something was wrong...

other coaches weren’t

so successful...

Pam hated seeing so many other coaches fail when she had discovered a way to grow her business. She began mentoring coaches in the franchise showing them what worked for her.

The problem was the franchise policies made it nearly impossible for coaches to have the same success: limited geographical area, massive monthly fees & restrictive operating rules. You see Pam’s success wasn’t coming from the systems ratified by head office.

Pam believes EVERYONE deserves financial freedom so they can then GIVE BACK to others. Pam knew there must be a better way to help others enjoy the financial freedom & lifestyle she now had because of coaching.

Pam Featherstone with Business Coaches she helped who were part of the business coach franchise

Becoming A Successful Business

Coach Gave Her The opportunity To...

Lives in her Dream Home

“Following the system, I on-boarded my first £2,000 per month client in just 7 days using the copy and paste messaging”

Bought her Dream Car

“The structure, clarity & templates was a huge step up from the material I'd used before - I’d been following the system for a few days & my first contact who turns over £6 million wanted a conversation ... he is now a client!”

Lives in her Dream Home

“Following the system, I on-boarded my first £2,000 per month client in just 7 days using the copy and paste messaging”


graduating from #1 International Business programme in USA

While all this was going on I had pursued a professional tennis career, got injured but was able to go to the USA on a scholarship and graduate from the Top International Business Programme in the USA.

Coached Olympic Coaches, Athletes & FTSE 100 Execs

After graduating I begged my way in to work at a specialist leadership and development company where I was trained in how to effectively coach people and so soon even though I was only in my early 20s I was working with FTSE 100 Execs as well as Olympic Coaches and athletes

Eventually I Wanted More Freedom.

I LOVED being a coach there but realised that I wanted more freedom and to live life on my own terms, from anywhere in the world, so left and started my own business.

Turning my Career Into My Own Business

After I left my job to become my own boss I started a successful personal growth business with 22,000 customers which pulled in $100,000 a month.

I’d seen the years of Pam having to go into work everyday so I knew I wanted to do things a different way...

Work From Anywhere In the World

I setup the business so I was able to work from anywhere and once I had things running smoothly, I started travelling the world.

But that wasn’t the only benefit...

Be recognised For Making an Impact

Because I’d setup the business to have an impact from day one and been able to scale it, this was recognised by charity partners. As Lex Hormozi says...


“There is nothing better than making money doing something you love”

Alex Hormozi

Coaches Wanted The Tools & More Clients

80% of my customers were either business owners themselves or coaches. Customers started to ask me if they could use the tools with clients and help them grow their coaching businesses.

I didn’t have any experience growing a 1-1 coaching business (you’re ahead of me, aren’t you?).

But I knew someone who did...

Business Coach Academy Was Born

The planets aligned. Pam and I put our skills and experience together and went into business. The first year we helped all kinds of coaches but in 2019 we focused on Business Coaches.

We’re on a mission

To help senior executives who have outgrown their jobs & want to make a bigger impact start a business coaching practice and:


Have less email in their inboxes


More dinners at home with the family


A Bigger Bank balance

We Believe EVERYONE Deserves Financial Freedom & A Flexible Lifestyle To Enjoy It.

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We help experienced executives excel as a prestigious business coach but without having to risk starting a business from scratch so they can escape their corporate life and have more autonomy.

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