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"Signed my first full price client, still 5 sales calls next week so could be a great month!"

Robin Hayhurst, 48 - Former Property Developer

Case Studies

It Gave Me A Framework

Ashley Maile

Former Engineer, New Business Coach

Ashley sold his engineering business and joined the Business Coach Academy because he didn't have a framework to apply the skills and knowledge he had acquired, but he wanted to add value to other companies. "It Gave me a framework to go in and add value"

What Our Coaches Say

It Gave Me A Framework

£0 To £10,000

Per Month In 35 Days

The PROFIT System gave me a framework to to go in & deliver, to the extent that after 35 days within the program ... I'm already up to £10,000 in monthly coaching sales.

Ashley Maile

Former Engineer, Sold His Business

Award Winning Business Coach

£2,000 Per Month

Client in 7 days

Following the system, I was able to on-boarded my first £2,000 per month client in just 7 days using the copy and paste messaging”

Gary Potter

Former Head Teacher

Landed Dream Job

£6 Million Client In

Just A Few Days

The structure, templates & clarity was a huge step up from the material I'd used before - I’d been following the system a few days & my first contact who turns over £6 million wanted a conversation... he's now a client!

Ed Pearson

Head Business Solutions

Ideal Result

£6 million Client In Just A Few Days!

Luke "The Incred" Biddle

2 Clients In First 2 Days (£3,000 per month)

After learning the systems, Luke gained his first two clients within the first two days of reaching out to his existing network using the Profit Coach client signing method.

What Our Coaches Write About

Signing New Clients

We Deliver Outrageous Value

The Best Investment Ever

"This was the best program I'd invested in...and trust me I've invested in lots over the years. But this the Golden Goose of programs, the golden eggs just keep coming!

What Our Coaches Write About

Referrals & International Clients

Get Paid To Change Lives

Daniel is changing businesses and lives not just for himself and his clients. He is also a key member of our community supporting other coaches success.

What Our Coaches Write About

Removing Excuses

You Can Be The Next Inspiring Success Story

What Our Coaches Write About

Quality of Programme

5 Clients In A Week

Stuart paid over £70,000 to join "the World's No. 1 Business Coaching Franchise".

He also had to pay over £2,000 per month in fees whether he made money or not.

It was our system that made him sign 5 clients in 1 week (during the pandemic)

What Our Coaches Write About

Mindset & Blindspots

Success Story: Engineer To Business Coach

£0 To £160,000 Per Year In 90 Days.

Ashley was looking for a framework to be able to add value. He looked at business coach franchises but chose to work with us instead.

"All of a sudden I’m hitting around £160,000 per annum in coaching fees, which if I’m honest was my first year’s target

Ashley, 45 - Former Engineer, New Business Coach

What Our Coaches Write About

Planning & Goals

We've built a ready-made coaching brand, framework & funnels so you can grow without tech headaches or spending a ton on software, ads or authority. You can run it today!