The business failure rate is scary…

Good people with good intentions go out of business every single day. The owner, their staff and all of their families lose their livelihoods overnight causing untold amounts of pain.

Even successful businesses are losing out on potential profits and more efficiency that could result in more employment, bonuses and joy for those they serve.

You Can Be Their Hero

Be part of eradicating the business failure rate and maximising businesses globally…

With Simple Questions

Imagine knowing a simple series of questions so powerful they could transform any business of any size.

Get Paid $1,000/Hour

These questions raise your value & have business owners desperate to hire you & pay you extremely well so they can experience the game-changing results you provide…

That’s what we will give you.

Here at Business Coach Academy we turn people into elite level business coaches who can ask questions we have developed through years and years of experience that transform businesses – fast.

Who We Are

Business Coach Academy is a company started by Zander Woodford Smith and Pam Featherstone – two award winning coaches on a mission to save and transform businesses globally by disrupting the business coaching industry with their unique and fun methodologies.


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How It Works

Learn the System

Once you have the right questions to ask the only skillset you need is the ability to ask those questions.

Be A Highly Paid Coach

You don’t even need the answers (unlike consulting). The client’s answers uncover potential they couldn’t see before- making you the hero they can’t stop raving about.

Using our proven fun & unique methodology anyone can become a business coach with zero previous business experience.

—   Business Coach Academy

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