Build Your Ideal Life As A Business Coach

Our Business Coach License helps business directors replace their salary with $20,000 monthly recurring income in 20 weeks so they have more flexibility.

Financial Security

Generate £1,000-£5,000 recurring monthly income per client, & work with as many businesses as you want!

Be Your Own Boss

Imagine being able to work from whenever you want, with who you want, where you want & earn as much as you want!

Transform Lives

Help business owners find hidden opportunities & eradicate the stress & pressure placed on them & their families.


Have Your Outgrown Your Company?

It may sound strange, but in quiet moments of reflection, that’s how most corporate executives and managers feel.

You may love the perks yet something is amiss, and you can feel it. It’s been gnawing at you for a long time, hasn’t it? You may have spent what feels like a lifetime with the company, slowly (or maybe rapidly) climbing the corporate ladder.

But it always seems as if someone else is calling the shots, not you.

Maybe It’s Time To Make A Change...

You Can Become A $20,000 A Month Licensed Business Coach...

While Still In Your Role!


The 9 Step Business Coach Roadmap

Business Coach Academy guides 6 figure+ Sales Directors & MDs to escape their high pressure jobs & replace their salary with $20,000 monthly recurring income by transitioning into being a licensed business coach.

It's entire Business Coaching Business in A Box.

We combine your years of expertise (ideally 10+ years) with our frameworks and best practices using our roadmap...

It completely eliminates your confusion about where to start, who to trust, and what to do by getting trained by a team of 7 figure business coaches who will teach you how to use our proven processes, tools, and done-for-you systems so you can confidently build a $250,000 to $500,000 per year coaching business.


20 Years Experience But He Was Concerned How To Add Value

Ashley wanted to help great companies but he didn't have a framework to apply the skills and knowledge he had acquired...


20 Years Experience But He Was Worried How to add value

It Allowed Me To Add A framework, Build My Own Unique System & Go In A Deliver

- Ashley Maile

Many experienced business directors are sat in meetings wishing there was a way to make a difference to others & have more control over their time & income.

However, the reality quickly hits them...

  • They don't have a proven system for signing clients on demand because they don't know how to show their value to high-quality prospects

  • They have to figure everything out on their own & don't have any support because they aren't surrounded by 6 & 7 figure business coaches to inspire them

  • They don't have proof their system works so lose confidence & clients because they don't have a proven framework to deliver amazing results to clients.

  • They don't have a proven system for signing clients on demand

  • They don't know how to show their value to high-quality prospects

  • They have to figure everything out on their own & don't have any support.

  • They don't have a proven framework to deliver amazing results to clients.

  • They don't have proof their system works so lose confidence & clients

  • They aren't surrounded by 6 & 7 figure business coaches to inspire them

Experience Is Not Enough, You Need A Framework

To grow a coaching business you need a proven roadmap. Despite the business coaching industry rapidly growing most new coaches struggle because they don't have a:

  • proven system for signing clients on demand

  • way to show their value to high-quality prospects

  • proven framework to deliver amazing results to clients
  • proof their system works so lose confidence & clients

  • a network of 6 & 7 figure business coaches to inspire them

  • step-by-step roadmap & have to figure everything out on their own.


Two Things You Must Have

When you have these two things you're unstoppable. You can grow your own business and make an incredible impact as a Business Coach Academy Certified Coach.

WHAT's included

As A Business Coach Academy Certified Coach

EVERYTHING you need to build an automated coaching business where you only have to focus on delivering great client results & making a difference.


Join The Best Coaches In The world

Want to have a team of 7 figure business coaches at your finger tips?

  • Connect With Other Coaches Like You

  • Never Feel Stuck Or Confused Again

  • Receive Expert Guidance from 7 Figure Business Coaches


A Step-By-Step Plan To £20,000 A Month

9 Step Roadmap gives you all the best practices to achieve results in the fastest possible time.

  • Attract High-Value Clients On Demand

  • Deliver Amazing Client Results & Transform Lives

  • Make More Money, Working Less Hours


Every Tool To Be A High-Value Coach

Wouldn't it be nice to stop paying for technology & have everything all setup and done for you?

  • Deliver Value Using A Proven Framework

  • A Ready-Made Automated Business

  • Eradicate Tech Overwhelm & Enjoy Running Your Business

Literally Everything To Run Your Business From Day 1


How Do You Become A Certified Business Coach?

Apply & Book A Call

Fill out an application & book a discovery call with our 7 figure business coach.

Complete Training On Your Schedule

Follow our proven 9 step roadmap & trusted coaching framework to build your business fast.

Hit £20,000 Per Month In 6 Months

Start fresh being your own boss as an elite business coach by following our proven system.


Want To See What Our Current Members Say?

Ashley Maile - Engineering Business Director

£10,000 Per Month In His First 35 Days

Ashley sold his business & had lots of experience but he didn't have a framework to apply the skills & knowledge he had acquired, after joining he said "It Gave me a framework to go in and add value".

3 minutes

Luke Biddle - Marketing Executive

2 x $1,000 Clients In First 2 Days

"We have great coaching from Zander, Pam & everyone else in this community saying "This is what to do", but it is my self belief saying I can't ask for £2,000 per month. So I thought I would just ask for what the coaching is worth." The two businesses Luke signed had revenues of $18 million and $1.6 million.

3 minutes

Gary Potter- Former Head Teacher

£2,000 Per Month Client in 7 days

"Following the system, I was able to on-boarded my first £2,000 per month client in just 7 days using the copy and paste messaging”

5 minutes

Trusted by hundreds of Business Coaches From All Over The World

Case Study: Engineer To Business Coach

£0 To £160,000 Per Year In 90 Days

Ashley was looking for a framework to be able to add value. He looked at business coach franchises but chose to work with us instead.

The Opportunity

How Can You be the most In-Demand Business Coach?

Trying to build your business, figure out online marketing and develop your own framework whilst delivering client results is a time consuming, expensive and often very lonely experience.

Whether you want to become a business coach or grow and enhance your existing coaching business, the PROFIT System Platform and Certified Programme will get you where you want to go, faster.

The business coaching industry is a $15B market because more and more business leaders know they need a plan and help to grow their business and accomplish their goals.

However, most business coaches struggle because they don't have a proven system for signing clients or the time to create a complete framework that gets the shifts needed to retain clients for years on end.

As a Certified PROFIT Coach, you’ll be given everything you need to get clients and deliver amazing results clients love, ready-built and customised to you.

When you join, you’ll be welcomed into our friendly community of PROFIT Coaches and given a personalised 4 year plan that shows you how to earn £500,000 profit in 2 years and save £500,000 in four years, working part time.

The comprehensive training portal contains everything you need to feel confident you can sign and get your clients results. Starting with how you message prospects and close them, through to how to coach clients and get shifts through vertical development that creates lasting transformation.

You will also get the PROFIT System, which is a proven and battle tested framework you simply follow when coaching clients. Systematically taking them through every area of their business, it quickly uncovers where you can get the quick wins your clients will love you for.

So that you get clients fast and are able to scale your business, you will also get what is missing from every other coaching system and franchise on the planet - your very own pre-built marketing system, proven funnel and integrated CRM with copy & paste messages that have won millions of pounds worth of business for other coaches, branded for you and ready to go.

And to ensure you feel confident and get results you’ll be supported through ongoing video training, group zoom calls, fun challenges and innovative PODs where you work together with your fellow PROFIT Coaches so that you never have to work alone again.

All of which, gives you everything you need so that you can just focus on working with clients and making a bigger difference.

Becoming a Certified PROFIT Coach is your path to delivering results for clients whilst building the business of your dreams.

Apply to become a Certified PROFIT Coach today.


Still Have A Question?

Are you a franchise?

No. We disagree with the franchising model for business coaches because as soon as you sign the contract, you've legally committed yourself to paying anything up to £250K (when all fees are taken into account) without any form of "get out" clause.

Instead, we believe we have created a fair system where you pay a fixed sum each year with no-long term contracts, unexpected charges, restrictive clauses or onerous small print.

Are there any long term contracts?

No. We work on a simple rolling basis, renewed every year. If you ever decide it's not for you, just let us know... but our goal is to help you achieve such great results on an ongoing basis staying a member is a no-brainer.

Do I need to sign a personal guarantee?

No. Definitely not. Unlike some other coaching organisations and franchises, we do not require you to sign any form of personal guarantee to join us.

Are there any unexpected costs or ongoing monthly fees?

No. All the materials, frameworks, training and systems are included in the price when you join Inner Circle. (Excludes optional marketing expenses such as Facebook Ads if you want to scale online past 40K p/m, and any travel or accommodation expenses for optional future events).

Do you take a percentage of my fees?

No. Everything you earn is yours - we do not take any percentages of what your clients pay you.

Are there non-complete clauses?

No. There are no stringent terms or conditions when you join the Business Coach Academy and we would never try to stop you from calling yourself a coach, consultant or mentor if you ever decided to go your own way.

Do I get allocated a physical territory?

No. As an accredited Profit Coach you can work with who you want, when you want and where you want. We would never lock our coaches onto only serving a small geographic area as it limits your earning potential and forces you to be a generalist coach.

Are there any restrictive operational clauses?

No. We give you proven systems and processes to follow, but we do not limit you to them. If you want to try something different or have a better way of doing something, tell us as we would love to know.

Can I join even though I am part of an existing franchise or other system?

Yes. Numerous coaches have joined us from other business coaching franchises because they wanted to top up their skills, get our proven systems and benefit from all the done-for-you coaching materials. Some of those coaches which have now left their franchises, whereas others run both in parallel.

Do you continuously improve the programme?

Yes. Because we live in such a fast paced world where it's hard to keep up with the new developments in coaching and business, we work tirelessly to ensure you have the latest thinking, new systems and regularly updated materials so you can stay ahead of the curve and serve your clients best.


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