Price is typically one of the most important elements to consider when making a decision regarding becoming a business coach.

Business Coach Academy Is A License

There are 3 Main Ways You Can Become A Business Coach

You can always try and go it alone, but the cost in money and more importantly time (and lost clients) figuring it out means usually it's best to follow a proven system.


Licensed Partner

9 Step Elite Business Coach Roadmap Training

Pro Coach CRM & Marketing Platform To Run Your Business

Entire Professionally Branded Business & 12 Months License

Daily Group Support & Coaching Calls

3 Day Business Coach Bootcamp Intensive Every Quarter

Private Elite Business Coach Community

Personal 1-1 Coaching From 7 Figure Business Coach 2 x Month

Zander as Your Personal Marketing Manager to Setup Campaigns

24/7 Access to Pam & Team (You get our personal numbers)

Payment Plan

Pay In Full



Courses usually focus on one part of being a coach, e.g marketing not delivery & you have to be the one to create the materials yourself.


  • It is Less costly for beginners to start out & see if it's right for them.

  • Can focus on a specific skill set you need rather than having to pay for everything.

  • You can run your business however you want and don't have to stick to specific rules.


  • It is difficult for you to gauge if you are progressing. As you won’t have anything to compare yourself against.

  • It is also difficult to start getting clients and breaking into the industry if you don’t have any certification or experience to back you up.

  • It will be difficult for you to prove that you have the skills and knowledge that are required.

  • Finding clients can also be difficult without any industry knowledge, or a network for you to tap into.

  • It could take you months before you land your first client and start making money.



A license gives you access to use done-for-you materials with less restrictions, but there is a big variation in what is provided.


  • There is a lot of freedom and flexibility in the way you operate and market yourself.

  • You get support, training, resources, tools & materials. This makes starting your own business as seamless as possible (even while still in a job)

  • With quality licenses you get more than you would with a franchise without the downside - you are can operate globally, there aren't restrictive contracts and what you earn is yours to keep.


  • A license does cost more than going it alone or just buying a basic one-off course.

  • You will have to be willing to put in the time in to really grow your business.

  • It can be competitive with the other coaches because you are all using the same system of best practices.



A franchise gives you a license to use their brand and materials but it usually comes with very strong restrictions & a limited territory.


  • Provides both training & assets for BOTH Marketing to get clients & delivering to clients.

  • Has a proven brand & testimonials that new coaches can leverage to build credibility faster.

  • Has a community of quality coaches using the same system so you learn best practices faster.


  • You need extremely deep pockets to join AND there are ongoing fees AND they take a percentage of your revenue.

  • You are limited to a specific territory and this only protects you from others in the same franchise not all other coaches.

  • They have extremely restrictive contracts, with non competes or huge penalties (it is not uncommon for people to lose their homes if they don't pay).


Everything you need for a highly profitable coaching business in 12 months.





Deposit of £10,000

10 payments of £1,450


Save £5,000

Business Coach Academy helps Sales & Marketing Directors successfully transition from their full time role to getting paid $10k-20K per month as a Licensed Business Coach (starting while in their role). So they can have more personal freedom and a life they love.


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How Much Does It Cost To Become A Business Coach?

Why Do I Have To Pay Anything!

Now of course, you could try do it on your own without any outside help but the cost involved there is wasting money and more importantly time on strategies that don't deliver high-value clients to you.

So how are Business Coaching fees calculated?

The coaching marketing has exploded over the last 5 years, and as such so has the Coaching the Coaches market. The range of choices can feel overwhelming. However, it's critical to make the right decision for you based on your experience, objectives and of course your budget because prices vary widely.

Why do some business coach courses only charge $1,000 when others such as franchises may ask for upwards of $250,000? Also the cost of a programme doesn’t always reflect the value being delivered, here’s a little guide to show you the three big categories to choose from and what you can probably expect for each category.